Dinner and a movie

I’ve signed up for the blogging 101 course, and am rather impatiently waiting for it to start. But then it hit me, I could still write this even though the course hasn’t started yet. Sometimes I see things specifically in black and white, and lack the multicoloured, unrestricted viewpoint of youth. Which is odd, considering how much of my time is spent around a 5 year old.

And it is she who joined me on Friday for a lovely day out to the cinema and shops. We live in the sticks, so it’s a 30 minute car journey to the nearest big town with cinema and chain retailers. I haven’t been to the cinema in 2 years, so I was quite excited, even though it wasn’t exactly my choice of movie. And it was only her second time to the cinema, and this time she was allowed popcorn! So good times all round.

Then a trip out for lunch, which I was able to enjoy whilst it was hot as 1 year old was in nursery, allowing me to focus on myself for a tiny little while. It was lovely to have the time, entirely focused upon big one, to indulge her and listen to her world, and find out what’s going on.

And that’s just it. As much as I would have preferred to have been climbing a mountain with her, or taking her climbing, for her a trip to the cinema is equally exciting. It’s that fine balance between introducing her to the life we try to lead and the life a 5 year old needs to lead. We’ll get there. I hope!


Mrs know it all.

My best friend is expecting her first child in April next year, and whilst I’m sharing in her excitement, I’m also finding it hard not being ‘that friend’ that knows everything, issues prescriptive advice and believes her children are absolutely perfect. But my friend has no other friends who have kids, so she is looking to me for advice. So I thought I’d get it all written down here.

To be honest, the first few days home from hospital with your firstborn aren’t too hard, especially if the dad is around and can have some time off work. He can take shifts and let you to sleep once baby is nursed, or even take a shower or have a bath. Luxury. There are two adults vs one baby. Someone can be doing something productive whilst the other watches the baby. Even fighting with a scary poopy nappy at 3am seems easier when there’s two of you involved.

But then there comes a time when you need to leave the house. Food shopping. Drs appointments. Registering the birth. And this is when it hit me, 5 years ago, that life had changed. Staying at home, in our new baby bubble, we did fine. But venturing out into the world, a world that doesn’t stop or change just because you did something like having a baby, that’s when I realised that it would never be the same again.

We were 20 minutes late for our appointment with the registrar to register the birth. As we were putting little one in her all in one suit on we were hit with a waft of poop. It required an immediate, complete outfit change. And damn it, she did another one, about 25 minutes later as we sat down in the registrars office after adamantly apologising several times for being late. And it was a stinker.

I can’t wait to meet my friends little lady, but I need to allow her the space to make her own story, and look forward to hearing all her disaster tales. After all, babies are resilient little beings, it’s us adults that add the stress and social awkwardness to these situations.

Brand new sparkly blog

So here I am. Sat, trying to write my first blog. I’ve read a bit about what I should try to include and how I should make it all fancy and sparkly, but for now we’ll stick with a nervous first attempt, with some plain old text *

The biggest question I’ve been trying to answer is why I want to write a blog? And I still don’t know why. I’m quite a shy person but find that by using technology I can be myself more. I do have friends, don’t get me wrong, but we all now live quite a way from each other, and we don’t communicate on a daily basis as we used to. So maybe this can do the job instead?!

I am mum to 2 wonderful little ladies, who keep me busy. I like to get out and about with them as much as I can, introducing them to the outdoors as much as possible. I suppose I’m looking for like minded folk to share our adventures with. And adventures don’t have to be climbing mountains or paddling rivers, when raising kids you’re with them on the most magical adventure every day. Heck, we just turned an old box into a boat and went for a picnic in the living room.

So jump aboard, and join us as we row, row, row our boat through the exciting waters of raising kids and online blogging.

*sparkles to be added at a later date.