To me, to you.

Alright, not really my first blog, but the first as part of the blogging 101 course being run this month. In my original first post I tried to identify the reasons for my blog, why I was writing it, which I wasn’t too sure on. But since posting 5 or so blogs I’m coming to realise what it is that I enjoy about them.

When I was 10 my best friend and I would save our pocket money and buy pens and notebooks and interview several, patient parents in our young, journalistic careers. And this feels similar, reporting upon my days in a light hearted way. So it’s not for follows, or comments, it’s to get things written down, maybe not even as they happen, because life gets busy sometimes.

There are two big reasons why my life gets busy and hectic at times, and that is big and small, my daughters. Big one is 5 years old, and small one is 18 months. They are my world. My loves. My everything. And my blog tells of our adventures, our ups and downs along the way as they learn about life and teach me a thing or two along the way … join us??!!