Shiny new toy

So here we go again, version 3. Due to technical difficulties with my tablet, lack of techy knowledge and what not I haven’t been active for a while. But I’m back now! Hopefully my shiny new toy (Santa came early and got me an iPad) will mean I can be more active and genuinely achieve what I wanted to when I started, you know, the first time round. 

So raise your glasses, here’s to new beginnings. Again. 


The gift / being thankful

The world can be a big, scary place sometimes. It’s full of bad people, and bad things. But just when the dark clouds are forming and you start to fear for humanity, a ray of sun can shine through. 

I’m sure we’ve all seen the various Facebook posts out there highlighting heroic acts and bravery, and I mean not to belittle them in anyway whatsoever. They are heroes. But what I’m talking about is the little things that we take for granted. 

Last week I suffered from an awful ear infection (and once again fell behind with blogging101!) but it meant that my left ear became completely blocked. I could hear hardly anything out of it, and it made me a bit wobbly. I made an appointment with the nurse to have my ear syringed, which was a most odd experience, but it resulted in this hallelujah moment when my ear was finally unblocked and I could hear fully again. I sat in the nurses chair and could hear the fan whizzing on the computer, the sound of the door snugly returning to its lock, and the birds outside. Walking home I had the biggest grin on my face, like a child discovering ice cream for the first time, and I vowed to myself that I would not again take the little things for granted. In fact now I’m sat in the garden in the lovely sunshine with a cup of tea, just listening. Yes, I can hear the main road and the kids in next doors garden. But really listen. There’s a whole world out there, just waiting to be heard. Go listen. 

Playing catchup. 

So, day 4 into the blogging 101 course and I’m already behind (I seem to remember this happening before! At least I’m consistent). This is about as far as I’ve got with it before, so I have previously written the dream reader blog, I’m gonna try to include a link to it at the end of this post, have a read of it if you fancy. I’m going to use this post to consolidate the blogging 101 tasks 2-4, to ensure I’m fully caught up and ready for tomorrow. 

Task 2 had us address our tag line; Outdoors mum, the adventure that is family life. Having chose this previously, I’m still pretty happy with it, as I hope to blog (more!) about family life and the adventures we get up to, and to be able to connect with other like minded folk. 

Whilst I have fallen behind with my posting I have still logged on daily and followed the tag, so I was able to partake in task 3 with a bit more ease (reality; 10 minutes online whilst the kids were watching TV and I was meant to be doing the housework!) it had us follow new topics and blogs, which was good, but reading another bloggers post I was inspired, and, like her, actually found myself deleting topics to narrow down and focus my newsfeed. It was refreshing. 

Then to toady, task 4, my dream reader. I think I wrote a pretty darn good dream reader post first time round (if I do say so myself ;)) which is why I want to include a link to it here. I hope you read it … It could be you!!