Here we go again

So, blogging 101! But first, I must confess. I have previously signed up for this course, but didn’t manage to get that far with it, which was purely my fault, as life got too hectic and I didn’t allow it the time it deserves. This time round though, I plan to thoroughly indulge myself and tackle it head on.
Life is hectic for 2 reasons; my gorgeous two girls. Big is nearly 6 and small will be turning 2 within days. As my User name suggests, I want to use this blog to document our adventures as a family and connect us with other like minded folk.
I’ve deliberately not copied and pasted my original ‘blogging 101’ post, but I don’t want to ramble on too much longer knowing that I am repeating myself and bits I’ve said before. Now, if I were more knowledgeable I might be able to post a link to that original post. But I’m not, well, not yet anyway. But that’s what this whole course is about, so lets do it!