Dream reader

The latest blogging 101 challenge was to write a post to your perfect reader. I find this challenging for two reasons; I’ve fallen behind (already!) as the end of this week just got crazy busy for me, and also, wtf?! My perfect reader?

Perhaps it’s because, as I’ve already said, I’m not in it for the hoards of followers and the comments. I want to be a part of something online that’s as meaningful as real life. People I would sit down with and have a coffee and a natter with.

I realise I’m in danger of sounding aloof or high and mighty. I am not. I don’t like change. I don’t like new things. I’m of the opinion that I’ve got enough friends. But then I go and surprise myself, and find out that by actually letting my barriers down and letting people in, they turn out to be pretty awesome and amazing. And I need to do this more often. 

So I guess that’s it, my perfect reader is my friends, old and new, so stick with me, we can do amazing things x


It also said we had to something new, so here’s a picture of some cake we could have with our coffees.


A game of tag.

Today’s homework was to sort out your name and tag line. I chose my name as the original name I wanted was already taken; I’d started adding the hash tag #busymomma to a lot of my tweets, but also found I was growing frustrated with Twitter and its character limitations. I was going to start a busymomma blog, as a lot of my tweets were about what me, big and small were getting up to. But alas no, the name was taken, so I had to think on my feet.

I’m glad I did. Outdoorsmum describes me much better! I’ve enjoyed doing outdoorsy stuff from a young age, and find myself wanting to pass on that enjoyment and introduce my girls to the outdoors. But alongside that, the majority of my time is spent as mum, doing and saying things I never thought I would. I throw down a mean hokey cokey, know
all the words to frozen and give a rather dramatic reading of the gruffalo. It’s refreshing and reassuring to know that there are others out there too.

To me, to you.

Alright, not really my first blog, but the first as part of the blogging 101 course being run this month. In my original first post I tried to identify the reasons for my blog, why I was writing it, which I wasn’t too sure on. But since posting 5 or so blogs I’m coming to realise what it is that I enjoy about them.

When I was 10 my best friend and I would save our pocket money and buy pens and notebooks and interview several, patient parents in our young, journalistic careers. And this feels similar, reporting upon my days in a light hearted way. So it’s not for follows, or comments, it’s to get things written down, maybe not even as they happen, because life gets busy sometimes.

There are two big reasons why my life gets busy and hectic at times, and that is big and small, my daughters. Big one is 5 years old, and small one is 18 months. They are my world. My loves. My everything. And my blog tells of our adventures, our ups and downs along the way as they learn about life and teach me a thing or two along the way … join us??!!

Dinner and a movie

I’ve signed up for the blogging 101 course, and am rather impatiently waiting for it to start. But then it hit me, I could still write this even though the course hasn’t started yet. Sometimes I see things specifically in black and white, and lack the multicoloured, unrestricted viewpoint of youth. Which is odd, considering how much of my time is spent around a 5 year old.

And it is she who joined me on Friday for a lovely day out to the cinema and shops. We live in the sticks, so it’s a 30 minute car journey to the nearest big town with cinema and chain retailers. I haven’t been to the cinema in 2 years, so I was quite excited, even though it wasn’t exactly my choice of movie. And it was only her second time to the cinema, and this time she was allowed popcorn! So good times all round.

Then a trip out for lunch, which I was able to enjoy whilst it was hot as 1 year old was in nursery, allowing me to focus on myself for a tiny little while. It was lovely to have the time, entirely focused upon big one, to indulge her and listen to her world, and find out what’s going on.

And that’s just it. As much as I would have preferred to have been climbing a mountain with her, or taking her climbing, for her a trip to the cinema is equally exciting. It’s that fine balance between introducing her to the life we try to lead and the life a 5 year old needs to lead. We’ll get there. I hope!