Life in the fast lane

Ok, so it’s December and it’s a busy month and all that. But I’ve just had to sit down and eat all 7 of my advent calendar chocolates in one go because I haven’t had a chance to start it yet.
Looking at my diary in the run up to Christmas I knew it was going to be a busy time, especially following a busy November with every weekend filled with family gatherings, kids birthday parties, volunteering commitments and finding time to watch the autumn internationals. But this week has been insane, and it’s only the first week.

It went a little something like this:
Monday night 5yr old has rainbows, which required an assortment of weird and wonderful things be collected and sent in for craft.
Tuesday night I help run the local guide unit.
Wednesday night we were off to buy a new car.
Thursday night was the school fair which the pta organise and run. I landed the hook a duck stall, and all the tantrums that follow with that.
Friday night I had my evening bar shift.
Last night was the first of three Christmas dinners I’ve been invited to.

I’ve recently got into using a slow cooker to cook our meals whilst we’re out, and everyone says oh, how lovely, but to be honest when the heck would I find the time to cook meals in between all this?! And of course 5yr old eating patterns don’t tie in with 1yr old eating patterns and I can’t risk them both crashing at the same time.

So here’s to sitting down and scoffing all the chocolates in preparation for another busy week ahead … Roll on the new year and a quiet January!


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