Guilty as charged

It’s my husbands birthday tomorrow (hopefully the topic of another blog) and I got to thinking today if I was happy with all that I’ve got him.

He’s a typical man. He had claimed for weeks he didn’t want anything, until Sunday night when he announced that he’d like the new transformers DVD, which was released Monday. Living in a quiet little town with no large chain stores this meant relying upon the internet and our lovely postman do deliver it in time. Luckily both have come through.

As it’s a milestone birthday I have been suggesting for ages, at least 6 months, that he have some sort of shindig, which again was meant with a ‘I’m not fussed’ kind of attitude. Then at the end of August we went to a friends wedding, where they had a delightful ceilidh in the evening, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Then began the ‘well if you want to have a party I’d quite like a ceilidh’ phase. However looking into it (and finding out exactly how much it cost for such a shindig) we have returned to the ‘I’m not fussed’ stage.

So, with no party, and no real idea what to get him, it struck me that the best thing I could get him would be a day doing what we used to do, before the small ones came along. And that’s what I’ve done. Not one of these ‘experience days’ where you get to jump out of a plane, or drive a fast car, but we’ve both got the day off, and the smalls are taken care of, so we’re gonna have a grown up, date day. And we’re gonna climb a mountain.

I have got him his DVD too, so the small ones can help him open it in the morning, and I will take some cake so when we get to the top of the mountain I can surprise him with a mighty tuneful rendition of ‘happy birthday to you’ and a birthday kiss. And a badge, which I will insist he wears all day long.

But why was I feeling guilty? I think it was because I thought that I was meant to provide this awesome party with family and friends and booze and food, which would have totally stressed me out. But then I thought for myself, and thought about my husband, and what he likes, and realised why he wasn’t fussed on all this partying malarkey. It’s because me and him are a pretty awesome team, and we love our girls very much, but when were presented with the opportunity to spend some time together with each other we grab it with both hands. Even if that means spending a misty, rainy morning on the mountainside. At least there’ll be cake!


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